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The CEC is currently seeking applications from Canadian males and females (must possess a valid Canadian Passport) born anytime in 1989 or before who would like to represent Canada at the Difficulty and Speed North American Championships this November in Mexico City (please visit . 

Canada can send 3 males and 3 females for each of Speed and Difficulty.  The male and female champions from these Continentals will compete at the World Games in Duisburg, Germany in May, 2005 (  These 2005 World Championships will be monitored by the IOC to determine the suitability of Difficulty climbing as a demonstration sport in the Olympics.  The CEC would prefer to approach gym owners to run a competition to select these individuals, however previous Open difficulty/speed competitions have had very few registrants. 

In this regard, interested applicants are requested to send their climbing resumes to and include a cover letter describing why the selection committee should consider their application.  Deadline for applications is August 31, 2004.  However. if there is significant interest, the CEC will approach gym owners who have previously held National level difficulty/speed events to hold a competition or team trials to select the team.  Although the CEC does not have the resources to provide financial assistance to the Continentals, the ICC will provide financial assistance to the champions to the World Games in Germany.  This is a great opportunity to kick start Open Difficulty and speed competition climbing in Canada and we look forward to your applications.  Best of luck to all. 
Congratulations to all of the Open competitors who have been named to the Canadian National Open Bouldering Team.  The CEC would like to thank all of the gyms and volunteers who have helped make the 2004 season such a success.  A special tanks to Luigi Montilla of Bloc Industries who coordinated the Tour de Bloc.
It is requested that all Open Team members email Andrew Weldon, Open Coordinator, at so that he can in turn email the team regarding up coming international competitions including this November’s North American Climbing Championships in Mexico City and the ability to acquire Team Uniforms supplied by Flash at cost.  Sorry but we do not have the financial resources at this point to provide the uniforms at no cost– but hopefully one day we will.

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