2004/2005 Season Sactioning Requests
Sactioning requests are now being accepted for all levels of competitions for the 2004/2004 season. Competition disciplines include, Bouldering, Difficulty and Speed at either the Local, Regional or at the National Level. In particular we are requesting that all interested organizations that wish to Host the 2005 National Championships, please submit their applications by Dec 15th, 2005.

Attention All CEC Members!

In addition to the posts below, The CEC - Competition Climbing Canada is now putting together a team to climb at the North American Continental Championships in Mexico City on November 23-28,  2004 for all ages and climbing disciplines.    There are actually TWO events planned simultaneously:  An ADULT Open for Difficulty, Bouldering, and Speed and ALSO a YOUTH Continental Championship event also for Difficulty, Bouldering, and Speed! Additional Information will be posted soon !

The ADULT Open is for anyone born in 1989 or earlier. 
The YOUTH categories are the same as we support for Difficulty Nationals:  11& Under, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, & 18-19

The CEC is currently seeking applications from Canadian males and females (must possess a valid Canadian Passport) born anytime in 1989 or before who would like to represent Canada at the Difficulty and Speed North American Championships this November in Mexico City (please visit http://www.icc-info.org/2004/04_NAC.pdf . 

Canada can send 3 males and 3 females for each of Speed and Difficulty.  The male and female champions from these Continentals will compete at the World Games in Duisburg, Germany in May, 2005 (http://www.worldgames2005.org/).  These 2005 World Championships will be monitored by the IOC to determine the suitability of Difficulty climbing as a demonstration sport in the Olympics.  The CEC would prefer to approach gym owners to run a competition to select these individuals, however previous Open difficulty/speed competitions have had very few registrants. 

In this regard, interested applicants are requested to send their climbing resumes to aweldon@shaw.ca and include a cover letter describing why the selection committee should consider their application.  Deadline for applications is August 31, 2004.  However. if there is significant interest, the CEC will approach gym owners who have previously held National level difficulty/speed events to hold a competition or team trials to select the team.  Although the CEC does not have the resources to provide financial assistance to the Continentals, the ICC will provide financial assistance to the champions to the World Games in Germany.  This is a great opportunity to kick start Open Difficulty and speed competition climbing in Canada and we look forward to your applications.  Best of luck to all. 

Sept 19th, 2004
Congratulations to all of the Open competitors who have been named to the Canadian National Open Bouldering Team.  The CEC would like to thank all of the gyms and volunteers who have helped make the 2004 season such a success.  A special tanks to Luigi Montilla of Bloc Industries who coordinated the Tour de Bloc.
It is requested that all Open Team members email Andrew Weldon, Open Coordinator, at  aweldon@shaw.ca so that he can in turn email the team regarding up coming international competitions including this November’s North American Climbing Championships in Mexico City and the ability to acquire Team Uniforms supplied by Flash at cost.  Sorry but we do not have the financial resources at this point to provide the uniforms at no cost– but hopefully one day we will.

2004 Judges Certification Course

The CEC is offering a Judges Course in conjunction with the 2004 Youth National Championships in Vancouver from July 1st -4th, 2004.

Who is Eligible?
All interested people who have previously judged at least one sanctioned difficulty or bouldering competition, or have taken an introductory judging course.
Previous rules knowledge will be an asset.

You will receive either Local or Regional level certification, depending on previous experience.

What is involved?
Four hours of technical training on July 1 from 6 to 10 pm at the Edge, followed by a written examination. 
Three days of practice judging difficulty and speed routes with supervision.
Nightly debriefing to discuss each day’s events.

There is no cost for this course. It is being presented by the CEC in the interest of furthering the development of competition climbing in Canada.

Course Description
1.  Overview of Competition Climbing in Canada
2.  Competition Organization
3.  Competition Regulations
4.  Disciplinary Procedures during Competitions
5.  Competition Appeals Procedure

Course Leader: Laurie Weldon – CEC Nationally Certified Judge

How do I apply?
Express your interest in this course by sending a brief outline of your judging experience to Laurie Weldon via e-mail: laweldon@shaw.ca.
Successful applicants will be sent a course package via e-mail with more course details.

Application Deadline is June 19th.

June 3rd, 2004
Assistant Coach
2004 Canadian Youth Competition Climbing Team
The CEC is now accepting applications for the assistant coaching positions. For further details please go to National Team Coaching

July 2nd to 4th, 2004  Youth National Championships
The Edge, Vancouver, BC
Difficulty and Speed
Early Registration Deadline Extended to June 15th, 2004

April 19th - 2004/2005 Youth National Team Applications Due May 24th, 2004
Deadline Extended to June 8th
Climbing Clip - Hello 2003-2004 National Team members - (April 20th,2004)

Hello 2003-2004 National Team members,
Evolv Sports, a climbing shoe company out of Santa Barbara, California, is offering all current National Youth Team members the opportunity to acquire Evolv climbing shoes at a considerable discount.  Read more.................

Climbing Clip March 24th, 2004
WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you are in the Top 20 on the OPEN Bouldering points standings and you have not registered with the CEC. Lets not forget, it is FREE this year on a promotional basis. WE REQUEST THAT YOU REGISTER. Please go to this PAGE, fill it in and click  the submit button. Now that I have said that, we'd like all of you OPEN competitors to register, it would really help us keep stats and at the very least allow us to fill in the points sheet with the locations of all competitors. Cheers.

Open National Bouldering Team (April 4, 2004)

Unfortunately the CEC has not received any applications to hold a National, or National Championships for Open Bouldering this year.  Our Rules currently state that the Team will be selected based on the results from the three best Locals, the best Regional and the National and the National Championships.  In the spirit of openness and fairness, we need your input on how you would like to see the Team selected at this point and in this regard forward the following proposal for your review:

"The 2004-2005 Open Bouldering Team will be selected based on the top 3 Locals and the top Regional."

For your information, and as stated in our Rules, the Open Team will be comprised of 10 male and 10 female athletes.  The top 3 in each category will be invited to attend international comps.  If one of the top three can not attend then the next highest ranked athlete will be offered the spot.  The CEC pays the registration fee of the team members at international ICC sanctioned competitions.

Please submit your comments to Andrew Weldon (CEC Open Coordinator) at aweldon@shaw.ca.

This is an unfortunate situation which we hope can be resolved in future years.  The CEC is in discussions with gyms to see what can be done to ensure these high level competitions continue to be held.

Climbing Clip March 23, 2004

The CEC is proud to announce our newest volunteer member. Ghislain Losier has joined the CEC team as the Nova Scotia Provincial Representative.  We welcome Ghislain's enthusiasm and involvement in promoting a unified competition climbing outlook for Canada. If you are interested in getting involved in your area, please contact one of our Volunteers.

Climbing Clip 1
The CEC is requesting Gyms submit applications for hosting the OPEN Bouldering and/or Difficulty National Championships

Climbing Clip 2
If you notice after a few weeks from the date of your comp that your points have not been posted, then we need your help. This means one of our volunteers has not received a "full" set of official results from the "Competition Organizer". Unfortunately we can not use second hand postings off the Gripped site. Full sets of results for us confirm the content and provides us with some minimum info, age, gender, category, placing, division (open for Adults, Rec or Competitive for Youth). If you wish to discuss this or want a more detailed example please contact one of our volunteers on our contacts pages. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Climbing Clip 3
Has your email address changed. Use this new web page to UPDATE your membership information. UpDate Now.


Althought these competitions are not sanctioned by the CEC at this time, we wish the orgainizer(s) good luck with this series and hopefully we can work together next year and find the volunteers to support the additional time and effort required to sanction some of these competitions. It would be great to have more eastern competitions that qualify for Nationaly ranked points.

Kudo's for supporting the youth climbers, we'd love to see a truly National level youth competition in Canada next year.

Call for Sanctioned Climbing Competitions

Competition Climbing Canada/Compétition d’Escalade Canada (CEC) is looking for Canadian climbing gyms to host sanctioned Local, Regional and National level competitions for both the Open and Youth series for the 2004 season. Our members need to attend sanctioned competitions to receive the points necessary to be considered for their respective national teams.

Specifically, the CEC is requesting that interested Gyms submit applications as soon as possible for the OPEN National Bouldering Championships; the Youth National Championships (Difficulty) and OPEN and Youth Local and Regional competitions.  We are considering several applications at this time and will be awarding certain events by Dec 25th, 2003 for the 2004 season. If you are interested in hosting any of these events please contact us immediately.

In the past, the OPEN National Bouldering event was held in early May; the Youth Regional was held on the May long weekend; and the Youth National was held on the July long weekend.  In addition the Youth Locals where all completed prior to the end of April.

The benefits of sanctioning your upcoming competition with the CEC are many:
a consistent format for comparing athletes across the country
your event will be included on our website for increased exposure
all competitions will also be advertised on the Gripped website
access to the CEC executive for ideas and suggestions on competition formats
access to our bank of approved judges and routesetters for regional- and national level competitions
Your event advertised on the competition schedule to be sent to all the climbing gyms and industry companies across the country

To benefit from all of the above it is requested that all sanctioning forms be emailed to the ACC as set out on the application form no later than Wednesday, December 31st, 2003. 

The application form can be found on our web site at:

For further information please contact one of the CEC volunteers at:

Thank you in advance for your support of the CEC and the many competition climbers in Canada. We are looking forward to the new competition season and hope you will be able to host a sanctioned event.

Thank You,
CEC Committee of Volunteers

(403)762-7545, fax (403)762-6218

Competition Climbing Canada/Compétition d’Escalade Canada (CEC) est à la recherche de salles ou toute autre installation d’escalade canadienne pour tenir les compétitions sanctionnées locales, régionales et nationales des catégories jeunes et ouvertes pour la saison 2004. Nos membres doivent participer aux compétitions sanctionnées afin de recevoir les points nécessaires pour être considérés pour les équipes nationales respectives.

La CEC demande que les groupes intéressés soumettent une application aussi tôt que possible pour les championnats d'escalade de bloc catégorie ouverte; les championnats nationaux catégorie jeune (difficulté), de plus que les compétitions locales et régionales catégorie  jeune.  Nous considérons déjà plusieurs applications et nous commencerons à accorder certains événements dès le 25 décembre, 2003 pour la saison 2004. Nous vous prions de nous contacter immédiatement si  vous êtes intéressés à tenir un de ces événements.

Dans le passé, la compétition d’escalade de bloc catégorie ouverte se déroulait au début du mois de mai, la compétition régionale catégorie jeune durant la longue fin de semaine de mai, et la compétition nationale catégorie jeune durant la longue fin de semaine de juillet. De plus, les compétitions locales catégorie jeune sont toujours complétées avant la fin d’avril.

Les avantages de sanctionner votre compétition avec la CEC comportent :
un format consistent pour comparer les athlètes à travers le pays
votre compétition sera inclue sur notre site web
toutes les compétitions seront aussi annoncées sur le site web Gripped
accès au comité exécutif  CEC pour idées et suggestions sur les formats de compétition
accès à notre répertoire de juges approuvés  et traceurs de route pour les compétitions de niveau régional et national
votre compétition sera annoncée sur l’horaire qui sera envoyé a tous les clubs et compagnies d’escalade à travers le pays

Pour bénéficier de tous ces avantages, nous vous prions de retourner  tous les formulaires de sanction par courrier électronique au ACC comme indique sur les formulaires au plus tard le mercredi, 31 décembre 2003. 

Le formulaire d’application se trouve au site:

Pour plus d’information, vous pouvez contacter l’un des bénévoles de la CEC à : /WhatisCCCC.html

Nous vous remercions pour le support que vous accordez à la CEC et des nombreux compétiteurs d’escalade au Canada. Nous  attendons avec impatience la nouvelle saison de compétition d’escalade et espérons que vous pourrez tenir l’une des compétitions sanctionnées.
Le comité de bénévoles de la CEC

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